Web designing is becoming a very famous career, as said by the web designers themselves and this is also said by people who have seen web designers earning a lot of money. It is not only about the money, but you have a job that is looks very cool to some people. Remember those movies where a web developer had a very mythical vibe and he/she could hack into anything and they had a Hi-Fi life. Well, some of it can be true in more percentage but in lesser percentage, there are people who can do all this and have a very privileged life. 

They earn good, they are informative about the latest technology, they are smart and they can fix most of your laptop or phone problems. This career is also very respectable because when you design a beautiful website for the customers, they get happy and they keep coming back to you and even refer you some more clients. So, this career is an on going way of earning, there is even a saying that a programmer, coder or a web developer / designer never goes unemployed. Since this field has many branches, you get expertise in as many branches you want.

Now, you must be thinking to becoming a web designer, and even if you have no knowledge about it, still you can become one by learning it in different ways. First way is to get a degree in computer sciences and study the major of different subjects and specialize in one subject. After passing the university, to get a job, maybe you have to get different internships and maybe they will hire you. You might have to attend different seminars as well, because as much certificates a designer has, he/she will get a job real fast and a good one. Maybe at first, you have to do jobs that are less paid but you will get a raise very soon and some bonuses as well, if you did a splendid job.

Or, you could simply do any degree and learn web designing from different online learning platforms like; YouTube or different websites. They can guide to make a website from scratch and you will learn everything as compared to doing a degree. There are many web designers in Dubai and some provide small SEO prices in Dubai as well.