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Questions to ask before getting balloon surgery

Obesity is the main cause or many problems and people who are too much obese and can’t reduce their weight with the natural methods should go for other treatments. One of these treatments is the balloon surgery for weight loss in Dubai. It is a procedure in which a balloon is inserted to make the stomach full to reduce the hunger of the patient. It is mostly done with the patients who cannot control their hunger even though want to do that. To find more about it you have to read this:

How to be eligible for this treatment? This is not for every obese person because most of the people who are obese can reduce their weight with some effort so it is specifically for those who are unable to reduce weight and they have too much weight. You can get it if you are on a BMI of more than 40 and you do not have any previous surgery for weight loss. If you have done any of this then you are not eligible for that.

What is the procedure? It is important to know about the procedure because it will help you in understanding what will be done inside you and how you have to take care of that. In this procedure a small camera in inserted in your stomach with the help of endoscopy procedure. It is inserted through the mouth and then the balloon will be attached to the stomach. When it is attached fully then the balloon will be inflated with air or saline to make the stomach full. Once it is done then the camera will be taken back.

How much time will it take? The entire procedure will not take too long. It will hardly take 20 to 25 minutes but you have to get prepare for that about an hour before. There are some precaution which you need to take and you will have to ask about it in complete details from your doctor because it is a complicated procedure and expensive too. If you do not take the precautions then you may end up getting no result and your money will be wasted. You may also get some complications due to not getting precautions. There are two types of balloons which you can get but better to have what your doctor suggest you.

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