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Myths about invisalign

Invisalign may sound like a magical treatment for your teeth in exchange for the traditional braces, this is not always the case because there are a few unknown facts and myths which a new client may be oblivious to. Here are those to help you through the process:

  • Invisalign can treat only mild issues

People with orthodontic issues think that invisalign is only for patients with mild or minor problem. This is not the case because invisalign is capable of solving a multitude of issues ranging from biting problems to crowded or gapped teeth as well as crooked ones. So contact the best dentist in Dubai for your issue as you may never know what can help you.

  • Only adults should use invisalign

This is not true because teen invisaligns were introduced for children who would actively participate in sports as that are the time when you will need the most protection and care because injuries are normal in that case. Just make sure that they are using them the right way with precautionary measures.

  • It will take time to solve problem

This is something which most people are misguided about because they think that because the braces are invisible this is why they are also unable to see the results quicker. They work the same way as braces and sometimes even quicker when the issue is mild or minor.

  • No maintenance is needed

People think that the work will be done once they have their invisalign fitted, but this is not the case as everything requires maintenance even if it’s minor treatment. Once the treatment is done, you will need to wear a retainer just like you usually would when using braces – even if your treatment is just a mild or minor one. The reason is that even if your treatment is done, there is always a risk of your teeth shifting back to its place and in order to prevent that you will need to maintain.

There are myths associated with every other treatment around and in order to rectify the truth you should always look forward to meeting your dentist or orthodontist first as they can guide you about what is right and what isn’t. It is a completely safe treatment which has changed several lives. Visit for further details.

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