Where Are All the Teachers?

Many of us had great teachers in our childhood. The best teachers become a role model for their students and leave a lasting impression on them for the rest of their lives. A teacher is a sacred title and a noble profession. Without teachers, we have no way of passing our collective knowledge to future generations.

However, teachers are disappearing from the classrooms. Due to high-pressure and profit-centric trends in the educational institutions, teachers are opting for more lucrative jobs and more stable incomes.

Why is the Teacher absent?

Compare the fees of one child and the income of the teacher. The results are not very encouraging. The international school in Qatar fees  are breakneck for the parents, and yet the teacher is living on scraps. However, it is not just about the remunerations; teachers are facing much bigger problems at school than the students.

Here are a few major issues that a teacher faces in the modern educational institution:

  1. The heavy paying parents treat the teacher like their personal employees.
  2. Students have developed a sense of purchasing services from their teachers.
  3. The nobility and respect associated with the profession of teaching are long lost.
  4. Educators are under a tremendous amount of workload pressure.
  5. Teachers are forced to handle an inhuman amount of work without reasonable salaries.
  6. Educators do not qualify for job-benefits like group insurance and annul bonus.
  7. Teachers are expected to perform the task of examiner, supervisors, and curators without compensation.
  8. Many schools impose extra duties on their teachers, outside of teaching, to save costs.
  9. Teacher’s rights laws and legislations are non-existent on a global scale.

The Baby Bloomers:

Many kindergarten schools in Qatar require heavy fees and aptitude test for admission qualification. To justify their high-fee models, such institutions aim to hire over-qualified teachers. A teacher who has spent a fortune on long-term private courses, but possess experience in the field as well. To acquire this type of qualification, a teacher will suffer losses for many years before starting a real income.

This new income seldom rises above the bare minimum. The educational institutions have become more dangerous than the tobacco industries, on account of the damage they are causing. The profession of teaching has declined from any entitlement and prestige in society. Teachers are looked upon as the individuals who have failed every other option in their lives.

Students and their parents treat the teachers like their personal attendants, and educational institutions are free from any burden to train their teachers.

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