Importance of an e-commerce website for medium and small businessesBusiness Services 

Importance of an e-commerce website for medium and small businesses

Online and home based businesses have taken over the market and number of online sellers have been increased to a great extent. The reason is the demand of online market. People find it easy to find product on internet and then to place its order and then after few days they receive their product. They don’t have to do effort to find things of their choice in market. Online selling also gives benefit to the females who don’t want to go to outside and want to utilize their skills for earning money.

Advantages of website to businesses:

After seeing the importance of online business in Dubai, now they have decided to launch their own website where people can sell their products.  This website is designed for small and medium business who can not afford to hire places to keep their product and they have no money to build their own website.

If you are a home based seller and you only have money to purchase your product or in initial stage you don’t want to spend money on website then this start up is for you. You will have to register yourself as seller with this website and get license for your store. Then your online store is ready to start selling.

Alongwith, registration with website, there is also need of license to sell products online. Its license is not expensive and anyone can afford it and you will have to pay its yearly fee which is around 370 dirhams per year. So, small start-ups who want to spend money only on their product can start selling their products on their own website.

However, this website will be available for sellers in the middle of this year. But if you are interested to start selling on this website then start making plan from today. Because only planned business can give you better outcome.

Features of running an e-commerce site:

  • Elevated brand identity with brand’s own logo and description.
  • Online store within market place
  • Direct consumer and seller interaction
  • Already supported by online payment gateway and courier service
  • Customer and seller rights reserved
  • Exposure to market for small start ups
  • Opportunity to make home based brand
  • Gives identity to brands

Guidance and assistance to new sellers

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