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Complete Guide to sanitizing kitchen tools

You are homemaker and you do proper cleaning of kitchen then it is a good gesture that you are maintaining well your home and kitchen. You also focus on the kitchen design, you must know that which style of kitchen design is in trend. It is important to sanitize and clean the equipment with the proper cleaning of kitchen. In this article, we have provided complete guide to sanitize the kitchen tools. 

You can sanitize the kitchen equipment by using the following guide. 


Firstly you should clean the utensils that you are going to sanitize them. You can use manual cleaning and you can also use specialized COP pressurized tanks for cleaning. It is easy to use COP because it can be disassembled. For mechanical cleaning you can use clean in peace (CIP) and to use it disassembly is not required. 


Then take hot water and place the equipments in hot water for few hours. Then wash them with cold water. It will sanitize all of these equipment. We have added complete guide in the following lines by which you can sanitize equipment. 

Sanitization of blenders:

To sanitize blenders, remove detachable parts of kitchen equipment such as blades, wooden handles etc. 

Wash all of these parts of these equipment. Then place these parts in hot water and keep them in water for few hours. 

  • All of the dust and bacteria will remove from these equipment. 
  • Then rinse them in clean water and keep them in basket to dry. 
  • Sanitization of iron pots and pans:
  • Take hot water and add these iron pots and pans in hot water for few minutes. 
  • Then wash them with soap and cold water. Then again wash them in hot and soapy water.
  • And then place them in basket for few hours and let them dry. 

Copper and brass:

Copper and brass utensils lose their original shine and color after few months. So if you will use vinegar to wash them items then their original appearance will be retained. 

Firstly place these utensils in warm water for few minutes and then polish these utensils with vinegar or salted lemon. Then wash these with soap. When these will be dry then you will see that their original color is retained. 

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